8 am - 12 pm


BTB Granola 8
with yogurt, milk or almond milk
add berries +2

7-Grain Porridge 8
with butter, milk, maple syrup, toasted coconut, bee pollen

Fried Egg BLT 11
avocado, cheddar aioli, arugula
on sourdough or house-made english muffin
over greens +2

Shakshuka-Baked Eggs 13
herb yogurt, toasted baguette

Griddle Cakes (gf) 12
strawberry-lime compote, labneh, pistachio sugar

TOASTS (available all day) 

Avocado 8
Katz olive oil, maldon, marash pepper
on levain

House-made Ricotta 8
cara cara marmalade on levain

House-cured Salmon 14
honey-pepper goat cheese, pickled red onion
on rye

with butter 4
with butter & jam or marmalade 4.75

“almost-hard” egg +3